Ryde Lake Camp History

Ryde Lake Camp, a non-profit organization, has been an enriching factor in the lives of  thousands of girls since 1952.

In 1952, a small group of very forward-thinking women had a vision and were brave enough to turn it into a reality. That reality become Ryde Lake Camp.

Ryde Lake Camp was originally started to provide a summer camp for Toronto CGIT girls.

CGIT (Canadian Girls In Training) was a girl's group in the large Protestant denominations. A decline in CGIT groups started in the 1970's and by the mid-90's the majority of campers were no longer CGIT members. Changes were gradually made at camp to reflect this:  the traditional CGIT middy was replaced with a colourful camp T-shirt, reciting of the CGIT purpose was dropped but we continue with the special words of "Salutation to the Dawn" at Morning Watch.

Spirituality is still very much a part of camp while acknowledging that our campers and staff come from diverse backgrounds. Camp is a safe, respectful place to explore faith and spirituality.

A quote from the Camp Site Committee Annual Report of May 1952 reads:  “This was a real venture in faith, as it meant assuming a large mortgage, but we felt that it would be justified in the enrichment it would give to hundreds of girls who camp there amid beautiful, natural surroundings.”

How blessed we are to be the beneficiaries of the wisdom and foresight of those founding women so many years ago!


Our mission is to promote growth in mind, body & spirit.

The Ryde Lake Camp experience fosters respect & appreciation of self, others & our natural world within a caring Christian community.


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