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The Things I Love About Ryde

Misty morning jumps into freezing cold water, Boisteroussing-a-longs led by Otter, Scrumptious food that warms you inside, These are the things I love about Ryde. Morning Watch in our cozy sweats, Sitting on the dock making friendship bracelets, Haunting loon calls on a deep starry night, These are the things I love about Ryde

Connecting with nature and those we hold dear, Rekindling friendships year after year, Each girl walks with God by her side, These are the things I love about Ryde. Sunrise on Baldy, the docks by candlelight, All of the memories I hold onto tight, Community, acceptance, laughter, light, These are the things I love about Ryde.

by Rebecca Parry, Camper 2013



Camper comments:

• Ryde is like a family to me and I wouldn’t want anything to change in my special family

• Ryde Rules!

• Being my first time at Ryde, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s everything I hoped for and more! I loved it!

• I always want to come back.

CIT 2016

Congratulations to the following enthusiastic and talented girls on completion of Ryde’s CIT program:

Aquamarine, Aussie, Buffy, Care Bear, Cashew, Cooper, Domino, Fin, Goose, Gylfie, Gypsy, Jem, Kaleo, Lilo, Malibu, Nano, Peaches, Roosavelt, Samosa, Shimmer, Teddy, Terezi

Way to go, CIT’s!

Board of Directors

Margaret Arscott
Dan Cashmore Chair
Risa Cashmore Secretary
Mary Gooley
Mary Kishi
Lois Maxwell
Louise Moore Treasurer
Jackie Mounsteven
Dick Sugawara Vice-chair

Camp Director: Fran Sugawara

Ryde is a non-profit,
charitable organization.
An official tax receipt
will be issued for donations
of $20 and greater.

Charitable Registration Number 11913-0367 RR0001

Awakening to adventure
New found Spirit
In God’s creation
With God’s community
Night falls over the water
Bodies are tired
Hearts are warmed
Souls are renewed

Mardi Tindal
~an appreciative former camper



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